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    الادب الانجليزي و العربي
    Literature is a great art. It comes in many forms such as novel, play, poetry and short story.

    There are many great writers in Arabic and English Literature. In English literature, there are many great works of art written by famous writers such as William Shakespeare who lived in the 16th century and still famous for his great poems and plays , and Charles Dickens who lived in the 19th century and wrote great novels. Also, we have great writers in Arabic Literature such as Ahmad Shawkhi who wrote plays and Abas Al-Akhad who wrote poems and novels.

    I don't believe that success in life comes by fortune. It comes by hard work and sincere efforts. The novel (Great Expectations) tells us how we can't depend on money to achieve success in life. (Great Expectations) was written by Charles Dickens. The story took place in England .The main character is Pip .Pip lived in the country with his sister and her husband. He received an allowance from a man wanted by the police and who one day was helped by Pip. The prisoner paid back Pip by sending him to London for education. Later, the prisoner died and Pip had to work. Afterwards he had a successful career.


    ماذا سنفعل بعد التخرج
    Education is very important in our lives. It has greatly developed in Saudi Arabia. Thousands of elementary, intermediate and secondary schools have been built in the cities and villages.
    There are seven different universities in Saudi Arabia. First, there are general universities, which offer courses in both the humanities and the sciences, such as KSU and KAAU located in Riyadh and Jeddah. Then there are specialized universities, which focus on certain subjects, such as The Islamic University in Madinah and KFUPM in Dhahran.
    Male and female students can specialize in science, medicine, economics, arts …... etc. After that, students get a Bachelor degree in Science or Arts. My dream is to become a doctor and serve my country.


    المطارات في السعودية


    Airports in the Kingdom
    Airports in Saudi Arabia can be divided into two main types. First, there are international airports , which offer flights to and from Europe, Africa, Asia and North America .Then, there are domestic airports, which serve most of the Kingdom's cities.
    There are three international airports. One is King Khalled International Airport in Riyadh .The second is King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah .The other is Dhahran International Airport in Eastern province.
    There are twenty-two domestic airports altogether .They can be divided into major domestic airports include Turaif ,Hail, Al-Qassim .Yanbu, Madinaah , Hofuf, Taif, Tabouk , Abha and Jizan.
    Airports help people to travel fast and easily .They shorten the time and the long distance

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